lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Travelling Through La Rioja: Santo Domingo de la Calzada

One month ago I went toSanto Domingo de la Calzada, a city in the region of La Rioja. What Can I say? It is such a beautiful place, I felt like if I was in other century.

There are a legend about this city, a german couple with an 18 years old son -Hugonell- went to Santo Domingo and they stayed in a hostelery when a pretty girl (the daughter of the innkeeper) lived. She fell in love with Hugonell and she tried to seduce him. He ignored her and she got angry and she decided to take her revenge and hid a silver goblet in the lad´s saddle pack. The next day, Hugonell was formally accused of the theft and hanged for his crime. Would you like to know more? click here.

There are lots of places to see and visit there, but, I fell in love when I saw The Parador Hotel, it is just amazing! but I liked Square of Spain, The Home of Lorenzo de Tejada and much more too.

I really recommend this place. See some pictures of Santo Domingo (my camera is broken so I put pictures that I found in internet, SORRY):

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