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La Taberna del Tío Blas -english version-

For those who haven’t been to the famous Laurel Street in the last two months, you probably won’t know about the new bar that has opened at number one.

Last night I was chatting on the internet with someone who works at La Taberna del Tío Blas and he suggested that I came down to take some photos of their marvellous new bar and the their pinchos (tapas). As you will see from my photos it is a fairly unique place.

When I arrived at the bar, I realised that the person I had been chatting to on the internet was Juan Osaba (http://www.osaba.com), the husband and brother in law of the brother and sister owners. He responded paciently to my questions and told me some interesting things.

For example, the bar is named for his father and for the market it is in front of- San Blas Market. The bar’s logo of an old man having a glass of red wine was drawn by his grandfather.

The first thing you notice is the bar’s location at number one on Laurel, a place where great numbers of people pass everyday of the week. On the Wall next to the bar is the Street sign “Calle Laurel” surely the most photographed (and most important) landmark in Logrono. Inside the bar is decorated to fit in with the tradtional masonary of the área but with a modern twist. As the “guiris” would say very “cool”.

Upon entering the bar your attention is grabbed by the mouth-watering display of tapas. The variety and elegance of the bar’s tapas is surely one of the best in the área. The chef, Imanol, créates a work of art with each elaborate pincho. They are truly original, and whatsmore, they change daily. Of course, I asked Juan:
“What if I like one type of pincho- will I be able to get it another day?”
“Yes certainly.” He replied. “When one pincho is very popular we leave it on the menú or come back to it.”
uan also told me of something else that makes this bar particularly special. Every night, all the pinchos that have not been eaten are stored and given to religious and charitiable institutions to be enjoyed by the needy.

La Taberna del Tío Blas has only been open for two months but people are already asking if they are going to open more branches or become a franchise.
As you can see I am not the only one unable to resist the lure of Tio Blas!

I leave you with some photos I took (sorry- I used my BB again) and others on Facebook

Have a look as son as you can before they change the current menú of pinchos!

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