lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Ribera del Duero: Bodega Emilio Moro

It has been some time since I published a post recommending a place I have visited and liked. A little more than a month ago I had the opportunity to visit the Bodega Emilio Moro, which is near Valladolid, in one of the most internationally recognized wine regions, ‘Ribera del Duero’.

I had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery, full of vineyards and Bodegas of every kind. My attention was grabbed by the architecture of a Bodega Cepa 21 that belongs to the Emilio Moro group, famous because some of their shareholders are famous.

When we arrived to Emilio Moro, I had the opportunity to try one of their wines, Emilio Moro 2009 along with some delicious ham. After, I took a guided tour of the Bodega- the guide was wonderful. This was followed by a meal typical of the region and some wine tasting.

I recommend the place for its history, for its scenery, the friendly people and, of course, for its wines. But, sadly, if you don't speak Spanish you need to book on the day they tell you.

2 comentarios:

  1. Estuve en la bodega, nada del otro mundo, los viñedos son preciosos.

  2. La mayoría son muy parecidas, pero es cierto que el paisaje es lo que merece la pena.